Gillette Guard

Gillette guard is an amazing breakthrough as a new shaving system.

Gillette Guard Gillette Guard Gillette Guard

Gillette Guard

For more than one million men in the emerging markets world wide, Gillette guard is an amazing breakthrough as a new system of shaving that has been specifically designed to offer a safe and high quality shave. Gillette guard is one of the products that was specifically designed for men and thus remains one of the most important product launches in the history of the corporation.

Apart from the reasonable price that makes Gillette guard affordable to a wide range of consumers al over the world, it is also designed using the razor system. This ensures safety that every man who shaves will absolutely love. It is very light, with a pivoting head/ swivel head that enables the individual get the feel for using it. This allows easy maneuvering around the curves around the neck and face.

With the enlarged lubrastrip present, the user is provided with a more soothing lubrication while shaving than with any other shaving product. There is also a precision trimmer in place that has been redesigned so as to allow a far better access to the tricky areas including under the nose as well as sideburns. This makes it a more efficient product for a clean shave.

Also present is a micro-comb. This is a slotted comfort guard that can actually align to the blades so that it can be cut at an optimal angle. This feature automatically manages bulges on the face by flattening the skin for increased safety.  This helps in preventing missing some of the hairs as well as irritation. Moreover, comb guard allows the user to press the razor on to the skin while shaving without having to worry much about cuts. The blades are a lot thinner as finer. They are also a lot stronger given that they are reinforced with carbide steel. The blades in Gillette guard have been designed in a manner that allows shaving to be turned into gliding so as to produce the best results.     

The blades also contain a low resistance coating that allows less friction during shaving as well as a smoother shave. In addition, a closer better shave is made possible by the central blade stabilizer, which allows for less flexibility.

Those who have used the product so far have confessed of far less nicks and cuts due to the high level of safety provided. Using Gillette guard has also been highly praised given that it has taken into consideration a number of issues that surrounded the double edged blade and razor. For a more hygienic shave, the blade can be conveniently rinsed, which enables cut hair to be washed away easily. Clogging therefore does not occur with the product.

The cartridge can be easily changed through a single squeeze cartridge loading system. The simple squeeze two point intuitive docking is a new design that allows easy changing of the blades. In addition the ergonomically designed  handle will enable the user enjoy better maneuverability during shaving, where as the groves present on the cartridge above the blade hold in water in the process of shaving, which boosts razor glide.